Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Non-Idol Spotlight: Jung Dongha

Jung Dongha

Jung Dongha is the vocalist of Korean rock band, Boohwal. He is also a vocalist professor and is apart of a Korean musical. He has been apart of Boohwal officially since the 10th album and has participated in all the album since then. He is an amazing vocalists. His voice transcends from rock to other genres of music. 

In case you do not know Boohwal, they are legends in Korean music. Perhaps you might have seen them on Immortal Song 2 as legends. Or you might even know the leader, Kim Taewon as the nation's grandmother. Taewon is/was an MC for "Beatles Code 2" for some time. 

Here is Yesung from Super Junior singing one of their famous songs on IS2 -> The More I Love You
Boohwal's leader, Kim Taewon

Anyway, Jung Dongha. I can tell his voice is very flexible to go with any genre. He has performed a lot on Immortal Song 2 even winning a few times. Below are some links to some songs he sang on there which I loved.
He also has done some OSTs. Here is one of them:

For more info on Jung Dongha ->
For full vids of Immortal Song 2 that have Jung Dongha -> IS2

You should definitely listen to him! :D

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